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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Judy’s training is top notch & helps us to really understand how to apply the MM information & how to help people use this in their lives to heal. Very comprehensive & highly supportive. I’m just getting started with my business foundation & intend to start seeing clients soon but feel much more confident in doing so now that I’ve been studying with Judy Lynn Koons. She’s an incredible wealth of knowledge!"

– Jena Simms

"Judy is no amateur in this line of work. I was fortunate to have Judy as my mentor years ago. Her clairvoyant brilliance helped me to build my own business from the bottom up- website and all!"

– Christa Agosta

"I was working it out on my own pretty well but by following the Achieve True Health Coaching Program has helped me to speed up, streamline and get really effective in the steps to greater health. I have no more symptoms around the shingles that have plagued myself and my extended family. My energy continues to increase everyday, I experience so little stress and my families health has improved greatly. Thank you Judy!"

– Kara Holden

"I consider myself so fortunate to be part of the first practitioner training with Judy Lynn Koons and look forward to continuing the learning curve with the next course.

I just want to share how incredibly beneficial it has been to my healing and learning just in case you are considering signing up, you won't regret it! If you are a practitioner or thinking about becoming one, or even if you just want to help yourself, family and friends this is THE most comprehensive and enlightening way I can imagine going about it. If you've been working with Judy Lynn Koons you know what a wealth of knowledge and wisdom she is -it is such a blessing to learn from her! She’s an incredible wealth of knowledge!"

– Katie Cunningham

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