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Work Directly with Judy

Fast-Track One-on-One with Judy

For the beginner who may be feeling overwhelmed, or the more experienced looking for clarity and support.

Perfect if you're looking for alternative views. Discover a unique and different perspective.

If you're frustrated with the establishment response, you'll find a unique and refreshing perspective.


  • Membership in Achieve True Health 6-month Coaching Program
  • One (1) Initial 60-minute Intuitive Health Consultation in first month
  • Customized 16-Week Health Plan
  • Two (2) monthly 30-minute coaching calls starting the second month
  • Unlimited monthly email support so you're never alone
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for community, questions, and guidance
  • Recipes and other helpful resources
  • $550 1st month and then $375 per month until cancelled.

The digestive issues I used to have are only a memory now. There's decreased inflammation, no more headaches on my right side, very little heartburn any more, and no more issues with leaking when running!

With the information and support that Judy shared with me, I will be healthier for the rest of my life. She helped me feel confident that I have prevented some of the tougher diseases that many experience these days.

Deb Mclean
Deb Mclean

Unexplained stubborn weight gain, insistent streptococcus infections, and family history of cancer has been side stepped. Judy has helped myself and my boys to be on the right track to staying healthy.

Laurie Linsley
Laurie Linsley

I believed I had tried everything to get my energy back and my health on track yet still wasn't feeling my best. Too many mornings dragging myself out of bed and lagging energy in the afternoon.

After working with Judy, my hormones are balanced and my adrenals and thyroid are functioning in a way that truly supports me. Finally I have the energy that sustains throughout the day.

I feel confident in my food choices and much more at home in my body.

I love the community that Judy has created to ask questions as they come up and feel the support of others who are on their journey for improving their health as well.

Johanna Ottawa, Canada

**I have participated in the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service and am committed to learning and sharing Medical Medium information.

I follow and apply the information shared by Medical Medium Anthony William in my practice.