Achieve True Health

Because You Deserve To Feel Good

The Quickest and Most Effective Way

To Reclaim Your Health and Feel Better

Are you in pain?

Do you feel exhausted and depressed, not sure where to turn?

Do you spend much of your day focused on your pain?

I understand.

I used to wake up daily inventorying all the aches, pains and checking the intensity level of my almost-daily migraine.

It lasted for years.

The pain drove me to research and test so many ways to reclaim my health.

For years now, I feel health and more energetic.

I've reclaimed my health.

And I want to help you do the same.


I've developed a program to help you do just that.

It uses food and some supplementation to reclaim your health.

You'll follow a 16-week curriculum to learn what foods support you, which ones don't and quick hacks to greater energy.

Let's face it, 16-weeks doesn't seem like enough time to make all these changes, that's why you receive 6-Full Months of support to integrate the new information and habits.

You'll get and stay on track with;

  • 16-week curriculum
  • bi-weekly support calls
  • members-only area
  • your questions answered
  • many other helpful resources.

Designed for beginners through advanced learners to receive; the information, latest research, strategies, and ongoing support to reclaim your health.

That means; feeling better, more energetic, more optimistic, and overall happy.

Only $495 for 6 months.

Module #1 - Getting Started

How to set yourself up for success and get the most out of the course. Plus learn how to identify your symptoms and best way to address them.

Module #2 - What's Going On in Your Body

In this course you won’t learn about traditional approaches. Instead, you'll start figuring out what may be going on, why, and how to start dealing with it.

Module #3 - YES Foods

What are the foods that restore and rebuild your body? Expect a lot of surprises this week as some unexpected foods make the list, and other favorites don't.

Module #4 - NO Foods

What are the foods that you should avoid or limit significantly? Like the Yes foods, expect a lot of surprises as some favorites show up, while others are safe.

Module #5 - Vital Organ

What organ is vital to reclaim your health? Are you taking care of it? It may be the source of what you're dealing with, and if you aren't supporting this 'unsung hero,' chances are your health is suffering as a result.

Module #6 - To Supplement or Not?

What's the truth about supplements? Should you? Shouldn't you, and how much? In this module, you'll learn all about supplements, essential oils and herbs.

Module #7 - Hydration

Why dehydration may be a contributing factor, even if you're drinking plenty of water. Discover the little known facts about proper hydration, and how drinking the "right water" can make all the difference to your health.

Module #8 - Reserve Fuel Tank

Discover the part of your body acts as a reserve fuel tank, and if empty, may be a contributing factor to your energy levels.

Module #9 - Unhealthy Germs

In this module, you'll discover the deadly germs sabotaging your health, and that grow from unhealthy diet.

Module #10 - Heavy Metal Detox

The first step to getting rid of the toxic substances contributing to chronic health.

Module #11 - Effective Detoxing

Building on the heavy metal detox, you'll start learning about, and getting rid of, the harmful germs and other unhealthy substances, with minimal impact on your energy levels.

Module #12 - Sleep

How essential it is, what may be interrupting it, and what you can do about it.

Module #13 - Belief

The hidden beliefs that may be sabotaging your progress, and how to shift and get your mindset on track.

Module #14 - Intuition

The sixth sense is vital to understanding what's going on, and what to do about it, to reclaim your health once and for all.

Module #15 - Maintenance

What to expect, when, and how to track your progress to know it's working.

Module #16 - Keeping It Up

What works, and what doesn't, when it comes to following through on your new knowledge. Beware of the secret saboteurs and learn simple strategies to ensure you, and your family, improve your newfound health.


Features and Benefits

Here's just a small list of what you get and can expect from the program.

  • 16 - Week Advanced Curriculum
  • 6 - Months of Ongoing Support
  • Bi-weekly Group Support Calls directly with Judy
  • One (1-on-1) 30-minute Getting Started Consultation with Judy
  • Members Area for Lessons, Modules and other Resources
  • Online Community of Like-Minded Individuals for Support
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Feel Hopeful That True Health is Possible
  • Discover the Dietary Myths that Have Been Working Against Your Health
  • Join a Group of Like-Minded Individuals Supporting Your Progress
  • Gain Greater Understanding of True Health and Share it with Others
  • Feel Better, More Energetic and Inspired From New Found Health
  • Understanding What May Be Going On In Your Body
  • Learning the YES Foods that support good health (Expect Surprises)
  • Learning the NO Foods that sabotage your health (Expect Surprises)
  • Learn Which of Your Body's Organ's Health is Vital
  • Discover the Do's and Don'ts of Supplementation
  • Identify Proper Hydration and How to Ensure You Are
  • Regain Energy and Refill Your Energy Fuel Tank
  • Gain Valuable Detoxification Knowledge and Strategies
  • Learn the Secrets to Better Sleep and Rejuvenation
  • Learn How to Trust Your Intuition and Get Your Beliefs Inline
  • Gain Strategies to Ensure Your Success Even After the Program Ends

The digestive issues I used to have are only a memory now. There's decreased inflammation, no more headaches on my right side, very little heartburn any more, and no more issues with leaking when running!

With the information and support that Judy shared with me, I will be healthier for the rest of my life. She helped me feel confident that I have prevented some of the tougher diseases that many experience these days.

Deb Mclean
Deb Mclean

I believed I had tried everything to get my energy back and my health on track yet still wasn't feeling my best. Too many mornings dragging myself out of bed and lagging energy in the afternoon.

After working with Judy, my hormones are balanced and my adrenals and thyroid are functioning in a way that truly supports me. Finally I have the energy that sustains throughout the day.

I feel confident in my food choices and much more at home in my body.

I love the community that Judy has created to ask questions as they come up and feel the support of others who are on their journey for improving their health as well.

Johanna Ottawa, Canada

Only $495 for 6 months.

Well, I feel lucky, blessed, fortunate, privileged to have found you and to be working with you, Judy Lynn Koons.

And you can print that. You put so much effort and heart into the work that you do with us.

The online program is wonderful with all the different aspects of ways to connect with you and the MM material.

The MM material is inspired but dense and you provide many  pathways in to access it; the information packed teaching modules, bi-weekly calls, Facebook group, email support.

I so appreciate you! Your commitment to this path and to helping those of us who are on it at various levels of healing, is amazing!

Bethamay R.
Bethamay R.

Thank you, Judy. I went for my yearly physical today and got my lab results back by the afternoon. My doctor was in shock. My numbers were outstanding. To be honest, I never dreamed that they would be so unbelievably changed. Thank you so much.


Unexplained stubborn weight gain, insistent streptococcus infections, and family history of cancer has been side stepped. Judy has helped myself and my boys to be on the right track to staying healthy.

Laurie Linsley
Laurie Linsley

I was working it out on my own pretty well but by following the Program has helped me to speed up, streamline and get really effective in the steps to greater health. I have no more symptoms around the shingles that have plagued myself and my extended family. My energy continues to increase everyday, I experience so little stress and my families health has improved greatly. Thank you Judy!

Kara Holden

Join The Program Today

Only $495 for 6 months.

The quickest and best way to get Reclaim Your Health.

Follow the 16-week curriculum to discover the foods that support you, the ones that don't and learn simple hacks to greater energy and vitality.

  • Six (6) Months of Support
  • 16-Week Advanced Curriculum
  • Bi-Weekly Group Support Calls directly with Judy
  • One (1-on-1) 30-minute Getting Starting Consultation
  • Members Area with Lessons, Videos and other Resources
  • Online Community of Like-Minded Individuals
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Truly Feel Hopeful That True Health is Possible