Six-Month Coaching with a Holistic Medicine Consultant

Over the next several months you could begin your holistic healing journey with the supportive guidance of a medical intuitive practitioner practitioner. True Health Detective has a holistic coach program, which helps you reclaim your health by receiving an education on the foods that provide the most nutrition and energy. Holistic medicine is not about prescriptions, but instead it is meant to create harmony between the body, mind and spirit. The established medical industry tends to offer hasty diagnoses and doesn’t always take the time to consider alternative forms of healing.

While some patients are dealing with skin irritations, others may be suffering from emotional distress or chronic fatigue. A holistic consultant is a specialist who has done extensive research on the root causes of the symptoms you are experiencing and can help you alleviate the symptoms. Turn to our holistic health coach, Judy Koons, to learn more about taking a comprehensive approach to healing.

What to Expect From Personal Holistic Coaching

The program consists of an initial 16-week curriculum that teaches you the basics of healthy eating and mindfulness. You’ll gain a wealth of new information, which you’ll need in order to incorporate healthy habits into your new lifestyle. After the first four months of learning, you will have another two months of guided implementation to ensure that you’re on the right path. Part of our medical intuitive practitioner practitioner’s support service includes continuous check-ins and access to a vast amount of useful resources. Here’s what else you can expect from our personal holistic coaching services:

  • One 30-minute intuitive health assessment and consultation
  • 16 weeks of Reclaim Your Health modules
  • Bi-weekly calls with holistic health consultant, Judy Koons
  • Online portal for lessons, modules, resources and recordings
  • Access to private Facebook group for community, questions, guidance, recipes and other tips
  • Six months of on-going support for only $495

How Taking a Holistic Healing Approach Can Benefit Your Life

Evaluating your health will help you understand how certain symptoms you’re experiencing are tied into your dietary habits and stress management skills. If you’re dealing with mental distress and bodily pains, taking a holistic healing approach will address issues comprehensively. Support services from a medical intuitive practitioner practitioner will give you the tools to make more balanced lifestyle choices. The benefit to personal holistic coaching is that you’re receiving helpful tips and advice from a professional who will help you succeed in your journey to better overall health.

A medical intuitive practitioner practitioner will help you identify the obstacles that affect your inner and outer wellbeing. You will be empowered to make better dietary decisions, manage stress through exercise and learn about the power of meditation. Our six-month coaching program will allow you to take positive action and change your life.

Schedule an Assessment with Our Medical Intuitive practitioner Practitioner

Speak with our holistic health coach, Judy Koons, to receive an assessment and identify a treatment plan that works for you. Learn more about how you can integrate your spirituality, mind and body to reach your health goals. Contact us today.