Features and Benefits of the Practitioner Profit Program

These Modules are designed in a comprehensive way to set you up for success and get the most out of the course.


Module #1 - Developing Intuition

Your intuition will support greater use of the knowledge you have and the greater your knowledge the clearer your intuition. Support your clients by tracking their progress intuitively. Make your job easier to recognize a clients main focus.

Module #2 - Holistic Practice

The elements you must consider to maximize the potential for healing. Moving away from conventional mind set around health. Focus on the whole to get results for clients more effectively and efficiently.

Module #3 - Benefits of Boundaries

Learn how to set and share kindly and compassionately. Avoid overwhelm and over-giving by consciously setting healthy boundaries for you and the people you support.

Module #4 - Creating a Foundational Program

In-depth breakdown of my signature health program. Learn the "Focus on 6 of Health" Why each module was selected, in specific order and how to create your own foundational program. Quit recreating the wheel, adjust foundational pieces, add in specifics to get perfect programs for clients easier.

Module #5 - Identifying and Addressing Client Specifics

Gain greater understanding about client specifics, adjusting and personalizing the foundational program and making sure you have accounted for bio individuality.

Module #6 - Dealing with Panic, Anxiety and Fear

Yours and your clients. Explore how much emotion factors into chronic illness and coming back to health.

Module #7 - Building Community

A healthy vibrant practice has a community at it's foundation. Knowing that you will be served by clients connecting and supporting one another.

Module #8 - Exploring Beliefs In Practice

Yours, how to stay grounded in the work. Client beliefs, supporting the ones that serve and how to handle the ones that do not serve.

Module #9 - Your Relationship With Money

Understand the greatest block to developing a strong practice full of clients getting results. Learn what a attitude of generosity can do for you and avoid an attitude of fear in your dealings.

Module #10 - Detoxing in Detail

What are the key elements. What is detox and how to dance with the ups and downs of the Healing Path and Healing in Reverse.

Module #11 - Supplements and Use

Understanding the use of herbs. Learning what is 'Too Much' when it comes to supplementation and how this can slow down progress.

Module #12 - Attracting Clients

The most effective "marketing" technique is easier than you think. We will touch on public speaking which most often happens in the grocery store. Designing an interview that works for you and so much more.

Module #13 - Simple Business Development and Practices

Techniques to spread the word authentically. Being clear with messaging. Basic business building outline and what platform might be best for you.

Module #14 - Content Creation

Using content for building your practice even while giving valuable information. Allowing the information you share to let prospective clients get to know you and begin the relationship for reclaiming health.

Module #15 - Self Care and Celebration

Avoid burn out for both you and your clients. Learn how to develop and encourage a sustainable attitude to this work. I want to celebrate your success throughout this program with you and this module recognizes a milestone that belongs to you.

Module #16 - Additional Resources

Reviewing necessary forms and other resources to support growth and organization.

Case Studies and Call Replays

Weekly calls will be posted for revisiting when time and capacity allows. It is beneficial to be able to study real life cases, developing supplement plans, understanding pace and how to apply the information you have access too.

Bonus Information

Get bonus interviews and resources of a complimentary nature.

Features and Benefits

Here's just a small list of what you get and can expect from the program.

  • Sixteen (16) Module Advanced Curriculum
  • Twelve (12) Months of Ongoing Support
  • Weekly Group Support Calls directly with Judy
  • Members Area for Lessons, Modules and other Resources
  • Online Community of Like-Minded Individuals for Support
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • SIMPLE Structure to Making Money While Helping Others
  • Remove the BIG Obstacle Standing In Your Way
  • Why People NEED Your Help
  • How to Use Your INTUITION to Guide Your Action
  • SET UP YOUR BUSINESS and What To Charge
  • Answers; "How Can I Do What You're Doing?"
  • Why You ARE Ready to Do This
  • DEEPER Understanding of How Healing Works
  • Perfect for Any Health Practitioners
  • Gain Greater Confidence In Using Information You Already Have
  • Perfect For Anyone Looking to Help Others Reclaim Their Health
  • Designed for Beginners and Advanced Learners Alike
  • Gain knowledge How to Distill Medical Medium Information
  • FASTER Than Figuring it out Yourself
  • Leverage Judy's Lessons learned
  • Join an Accountability Community
  • And much more...


I highly highly recommend Judy's training!!! It stands way above a health coaching training, which I'd done years ago. Judy is in my opinion the best MM practitioner around, and her training goes above and beyond any other MM training that I know of. In just 5 months of starting her training, I've been able to start my business and it is growing at just the right pace for me. I feel Judy has given me a great foundation for building it even further, inclusive of intuition building, understanding the healing process in detail, how to build a business, how to effectively work with clients, and so much more!!

When I focus on getting one new client at a time, my stress reduces and it seems more achievable. I have a clear plan ahead and I take one step at a time.

Zarnaz Fouladi
Zarnaz Fouladi


Every single module, call, group update from Judy is jam packed with golden nuggets that you can apply to your practice. The course is organized in a very logical way, providing exactly the right balance between information provided and work that you can do by yourself.

The live practitioner calls hosted by Judy provide an excellent forum to come together and discuss, you learn so much in every single session. What I love about this course is the combination of health related topics, how to develop your intuitive practice in an extremely detailed way and also how to build your business.

Judy has an amazing sense for business and will guide you on the ‘how to’ of setting up your business, dealing with clients, and also growing your business. I believe that this course covers everything you need as a practitioner, and the network has been amazing for me personally, really building on my Medical Medium foundation that I had built personally.


One-time enrollment of $2497 for this 12 month program.

Even More Testimonials...

  • Jena Simms Jena Simms
    Judy’s training is top notch & helps us to really understand how to apply the MM information & how to help people use this in their lives to heal. Very comprehensive & highly supportive. I’m just getting started with my business foundation & intend to start seeing clients soon but feel much more confident in doing so now that I’ve been studying with Judy Lynn Koons. She’s an incredible wealth of knowledge!
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  • Christa Agosta Christa Agosta
    Judy is no amateur in this line of work. I was fortunate to have Judy as my mentor years ago. Her clairvoyant brilliance helped me to build my own business from the bottom up- website and all!
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  • Katie Cunningham Katie Cunningham
    I consider myself so fortunate to be part of the first practitioner training with Judy Lynn Koons and look forward to continuing the learning curve with the next course. I just want to share how incredibly beneficial it has been to my healing and learning just in case you are considering signing up, you won't regret it! If you are a practitioner or thinking about becoming one, or even if you just want to help yourself, family and friends this is THE most comprehensive and enlightening way I can imagine going about it. If you've been working with Judy Lynn Koons you know what a wealth of knowledge and wisdom she is -it is such a blessing to learn from her! She’s an incredible wealth of knowledge!
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  • Kara Holden Kara Holden
    I was working it out on my own pretty well but by following the Achieve True Health Coaching Program has helped me to speed up, streamline and get really effective in the steps to greater health. I have no more symptoms around the shingles that have plagued myself and my extended family. My energy continues to increase everyday, I experience so little stress and my families health has improved greatly. Thank you Judy!
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  • Ellyn D Ellyn D
    Judy is a gifted teacher and healer. She has the ability to generously share her wealth of knowledge in a way that is insightful, practical and authentic. With Judy’s guidance, I am now better able to understand the underlying health issues of my clients and guide and support them through the different stages of healing and maintaining optimal well being. Judy has encouraged me to trust and develop my intuition, which has helped me to gain more confidence in my personal life as well applying it to my work with others. She also has been influential in my development of new skills that have benefited my business.

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