I was exhausted.

With four kids, chores, work, housework, yard work, errands, chauffeur duties. 

I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in… a very long time.

My body felt run down and I hadn’t exercised since – I can’t remember that either. As if dealing with four children is not exercise.

And the physical stuff? No thanks. There was no room for that.

It was just killing me. 

Or so I thought.

When I started on the road to recovery, I discovered something I hadn’t felt in a  long time.


I was started to regain it.

First, slowly, but then it kept building like a wave.

The errands seemed less stressful.

The house and yard work seemed to rejuvenate me rather than wear me down.

And that physical stuff? That became nice 😉

What happened? Why the shift?

I share the system I had to get “fixed” to reenergize.

It starts in a couple of hours, so join us.

It’s only $7 for the first 2 weeks, and I’d love for you to join the call.

You can get your energy back. 

I want to share with you what I did.

Click here to get started.


Judy Koons uses her extensive experience with food, herbs, oils, spiritual guidance and intuition to help you reclaim your health from chronic pain. www.TrueHealthDetective.com

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