Listen Now to Reclaim Your Health

Here’s a recent interview with Core Vitality.

During this interview, you’ll discover:

  • My story of chronic pain and how I dealt with it
  • How some symptoms weren’t obvious until they were gone
  • The long path of learning, experimenting, failing and finally discovering what works
  • How intuition assisted me in reclaiming my health
  • How an unhealthy liver taxes your overall health
  • Insights into what’s happening in your liver
  • How to get your liver functioning better
  • Why it’s important to be gentle during the process
  • The magic of a healthy liver
  • Emotional Resistance and how to deal with it

Be sure to listen to this powerful interview.

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Judy Koons uses her extensive experience with food, herbs, oils, spiritual guidance and intuition to help you reclaim your health from chronic pain.

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